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Big Improvements


Gas Line Replacement Crew


In memory of Stan Waters

Dip-N-Twist 3rd Annual Richey Car Show

Dip-N-Twist 2nd Annual Richey Car Show

Hungarian Partridges Dust Bath

Horizontal Boring Crew

Centennial parade

July 15-17, 2016: Richey Centennial, School Reunion & Rodeo 


June 25, 2016: After the storm...

Winter  2014

Dawson County Sunset

Fall  2013

New Bridge Over Redwater

Sun rays

Summer 2013

Green prairie praise

Spring 2013

Lilacs in full bloom

Winter 2013

Hungry deer

Fall 2012

Drought Survivors

Summer 2012

3 Unidentifiable Floating Objects

The Bunkhouse Inn

Demolition crew razes houses.

Harvest Time

Oversized Loads

Spring 2012

Prairie Fire NW of Richey

Summer 2011

Scoria stockpile near Richey, MT.

Spring 2011

Storage building being framed up     Piles of ice cold snow, snow piles     Springtime in Richey   

Winter 2010-11

Frozen Fog 01
    Frozen Fog 02     Frozen Fog 03

Summer 2010

Lots of rain results in rutty roads.     If you're coming home after a long day, this is a welcome sight.     An uncommonly wet spring and summer.    

Spring 2010

Cool, clear water 11 miles NW of Richey, MT    

Winter 2010

Deer invade Richey, MT     Storage building replaces old teacherage 
Deer in town          New storage

Fall 2009

Local man celebrates 80th birthday with family and friends.
80th Birthday

Fire guts home in Richey, MT    Repaving Main Street-Richey MT     Repaving Main Street2-Richey MT     Repaving Main Street
Home burns         Repaving Main Street

New building going up on the old teacherage site.      Looking North from Clay Butte
New construction   Clay Butte Panorama (also in "Sunsets")

Summer 2009

Landmark is located several miles SE of Richey          After Many Years FootBall Returns to RHS
Mennonite Church   Football Returns

Spring 2009

Museum Curator

Museum          Spucing Up    Spring Flowers

Fall 2008


Fall Foliage

Summer 2008


A dry summer

Rally Time in Richey, Montana    Rally Time in Richey, Montana_2

Area Bikers Visit Richey

New Contruction-Richey, MT    Framing-Richey, MT     New Home In Richey, MT     New House and Garage

New Construction In Richey

Local Buildings, Structures and  Sites

Luthern Church_Richey, Montana    Big Sky Hardware_Richey, Montana     CMAChurch_Richey, Montana      FarmersKitchen_Richey, Montana

OldBank_GroceryStore_Richey, Montana    OldPostOffice_Barbershop_Richey, Montana     OldPostOffice_Theater_Richey, Montana      RicheyRuralFireStation_VFW_Richey, Montana

RicheyMuseum_Richey, Montana     CarlsonRoomingHouse_Richey, Montana     SeniorCitizensCenter_Richey, Montana     MethodistChurch_Richey, Montana

Bank_Richey, Montana     GasStation_Richey, Montana      ElectricCoBuilding_Richey, Montana      GrainElevators_Richey, Montana

FireDeptCityHall_Richey, Montana      FootballTrackField_Richey, Montana      LumberYard_Richey, Montana      

  OldJail_Richey, Montana  Payphone_Richey, Montana  RicheyPark_Richey, Montana  RuralFireDept_Richey, Montana

TrailerCourt_Richey, Montana     VeteransMemorial_Richey, Montana     RodeoGrounds_Richey, Montana     Welcome_Richey, Montana

RicheyPublicLibrary_Richey, Montana 

                              RedSunRise_Richey, Montana  

US Mint                                Black-eyed Susan      Red Sunrise

Fire Department Training Exercise

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More Local Interest Photos

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Citizens Inspect BlackHawk


Tank Explosion    CRP Fire             Fall Foliage  2005   Same View 2006



Autumn Evening            Bridle Trail View         Out To Pasture


Rabbit               Ring-Neck           Painting Crew        Mrs. B


 Back in the Day

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Youngsters            A Hot Meal          1938 Chevrolet     1937-38                

Above photos used by permission. Thanks Sheryl

MainStreet2006_Richey, Montana     

Main Street 2006      Click Here to Compare Main Street 1938 & 2006 

Harvest Time: Sometime Early Fifties_Richey, Montana

Harvest Time: Early Fifties

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