Three UFO's Spotted Near Richey also known as: A Cardboard Boat Race

Several students participated in a class project to build a boat primarly out of cardboard and then test out their designs.

01   02  
A Cardboard Boat Race                                                            Final Preparations

03   04  
On The Count Of Three...                                                         Launch!

05   06  
Are You Rowing?                                                                      Taking On Water

07   08  
Third Place                                                                                Boy Overboard

09  10  
Second Place                                                                            You're Going The Wrong Way!

11  12  
Flotsam And Jetsam                                                                  Everyone For Themselves

13   14  
Whose Idea Was This?                                                              Steady As She Goes

15   16  
Land Ahoy                                                                                  We Have A Winner

Looking For Survivors

Lesson learned: You can make a functional boat out of cardboard!

BTW: Everyone was safe and accounted for...