Landmarks and Points of Interest 1.

Landmarks and Points of Interest :

1. Clay Butte: elevation 3121 feet. Dawson county's highest point is located

eight miles southeast of Richey and offers a great panoramic view of the


2. C H S grain elevator.

3, 4 and 5. Grain elevators, now abandoned once provided area farmers a

place to sell grain and were part of a vast grain producing region. Richey

was once one of the world's largest grain shipping points.

Landmarks and Points of Interest 2.

6. Water treatment plant provides reverse osmosis treated water to the

residents of Richey.

7. C H S fertilizer plant and ag chemical supply. C H S gas station and

garage are just barely visible behind the fertilizer plant.

8. Grain storage bins. Many agricultural buildings in and around the town.

9. Richey rodeo grounds (out of view to the right).

Not visible in these photos:

Richey Historical Museum, Big Sky Hardware and Grocery, Farmer's

Kitchen Cafe, Richey Public Schools, US Post Office, Richey

Public Library, Dawson County Shop, Richey Park and Rest Area,

the local bank, a beauty salon, a body shop and two bars.

Four churches: American Luthern, Christian and Missionary Alliance,

St Francis De Sales Catholic and United Methodist.

Also not visible in these pictures are the many farm and ranch families who

run their business far from main street where they deal with the forces of

nature head-on everyday. It's a day-in and day-out in struggle many times

just to make ends meet in any business, but most people here wouldn't

want to live anywhere else.


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