From Big Skies Come Big Sunsets.

Brilliant February Sunset

Brilliant February Sunset


I'll be coming home for supper.

As The Sun Sinks Slowly in the West...


Made in Montana and smog free!.

Montana Sunset


NYC, eat your heart out!.

Fire in the Sky


Tri-Color Sunset



Blue Evening


...Night is touching the earth with rest.

Day Is Dying in the West



Face in the Clouds


The grass is still green and growing in mid-November.

Brilliant November Sunset (Notice: green grass in mid Nov. 2005)


Not a sunset, but still an interesting sight


More Sunsets: Click on thumbnails for viewing larger photos.


Two miles northwest of Richey, MT
  Sunbreaks Richey, MT   Virga   Scattered Clouds

Clay Butte Panorama                                    Clay Butte Panorama-Extra Large 
Clay Butte Panorama (large image)  Clay Butte Panorama (larger image)

     Out My Kitchen Window        

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