Centennial Parade.


Sidewalk scene. Everyone with cameras and phones at the ready.

The following is some of the entrants in the parade. Not in any order...but not complete chaos either.


The Richey Family...our town's namesake.


Puddle of the first monster vehicles...built to deliver mail way back

when "roads" mere suggestions of how get from point "A" to point "B".

A true pioneer...the horseless carriage.



Ford's idea of a better mode of transportation "as long as it was black".


Alliance Church float. He is the good shepherd and His eye is on the sparrow (in the blue cap).

Bet it was a little toasty in that shepherd costume.


Marlin's blue Impala...too many doors for some people, but nice for hauling the family in.


Black Chrysler...riding low & driving slow.


Droptop Impala...when fenders wore skirts and trunks were cavernous.

Mr Lobdell's black and chrome retractable hardtop...more fender skirts.

Liking those sunbursts!


Otis Waters was Richey's first mayor from 1949-1972. This is one of his later cars...

it may still have some calf sh*t  in the trunk from when we used it to haul an 

escaped calf over to the branding chutes.
(buy a vowel anyone?)


A lesson in teamwork...and an easy day, just a parade gig.

There's that little sparrow in the blue cap again.


Ranch hands...all of them.

Beery Land & Livestock...Vida, MT. Hauling beauties and beef.

Three generations...newbies!  

We wouldn't (wood not), as a town, be here if not for Big Sky Hardware & Lumber...

plus Groceries, household goods, appliances, & ranch supplies.


The Carlson's of Carlson's Rooming House. This float gets an "A" for effort for originality,

design, & execution. Rooms for rent 50 cents...King of the road.


Farmall Cub...a cub driving a Cub, with supervision, of course.


Ranch rod...built to play in the dirt and loving it.


American Lutherans...(Good) People of God.

Whiteman family float. Good people!

There's so many of them around here they have their own phonebook & zipcode. ;)

Happy Birthday to us! Hi Sherry.


What the...?  Please scroll down.


Just a gal walking along the parade route...carrying a water

bottle and scratching her back all at the same time. Nice trick, if 

you can do it and not fall down.

(See you) later...